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Complicated Hubris

There's a lot to unpack here.

  • We Are An Exhausted People #SOL23 28/31

    As I write this, I have jumped between two other things I should be writing. One is a reflection piece that I need to write in order to finish an additional teaching qualification course from which I did not receive $750 worth of learning, I assure you. The other is a post to my google… Continue reading

  • Confessions of a Book Buying Addict #SOL23 26/31

    I just bought seven more books. I am currently surrounded by books I have not yet read. I excuse the purchase as necessary on these grounds: 1) Some of these books are not just for me (or even for me at all) but for my students. I’m aware that teachers spending their own money on… Continue reading

  • We Remember Star Wars Kid #SOL23 20/31

    Today, as I mentioned yesterday, we watched Weird Al Yankovic’s “White & Nerdy” music video. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Part of the video includes Weird Al recreating an old OLD viral video of a kid – a teenager – messing around with a pole pretending to be Darth Maul. When… Continue reading

  • Early 2000s Nascency #SOL23 19/31

    I’m writing this even though really I should be going to bed. I’ve fed my cat, I’ve finished my powerpoints, and I’ve listened to Weird Al’s “White & Nerdy” possibly 8 times in order to prepare for my lessons tomorrow. Okay, maybe a few of those listens were out of pure enjoyment, followed just now… Continue reading

  • Reappearing from the Dead / Meaning in Mediums #SOL23 18/31

    So, it’s been a while. I don’t have much of a defense. I actually did make a post on the 13th, but I accidentally posted it to my OTHER wordpress blog from years ago. Probably goes to show just how bloody exhausted I’ve been that, when given the chance, my brain collapses and loses all… Continue reading

  • Tummy Pain (and more?)

    As I write this, my stomach hurts. I know that it’s probably something I ate (my main snack upon getting home was peanut M&Ms, because that’s where I am in the Culture War), but I also know that I’ve been feeling iffy for the past little while. I had weird striking pains in my stomach… Continue reading

  • Fiddle Music #SOL23 8/31

    This blog post may require further elaboration in the future when I’m not exhausted and should be on my way to bed, but. On my way to my cousin’s today I was listening to fiddle music and trying to hold back tears. This behaviour was prompted by reading a book by someone so close to… Continue reading

  • A Signature Quote #SOL23 7/31

    This evening I remembered that I had to send out a mass email to students and their guardians about how the students are “engaging” with my lessons. Of course, I do not spend hours crafting personal little messages detailing how each soul in my classroom is or isn’t being enriched – I have a finite… Continue reading

  • Deadbrain #SOL23 6/31

    My lessons for this week are not going to be that good. It is right before March Break. I will be absent from one of my classes for the next two days because students of mine will be writing a dandy of a standardized test in the opposite period. On Thursday, I will be exhausted,… Continue reading

  • The Course-Planning Wolves Inside Me #SOL23 5/31

    During teacher’s college, I found myself observing a fight between two wolves that existed within the world of “How to Plan A Course.” One wolf insisted on each lesson being able to piece together with others in a happenstance fashion, but with some semblance of meaning to be there. I called this wolf the “Lego… Continue reading

About Me

Give me a sec and I’ll write something better here, but basically I’m a young lady-ish teacher trying her best. A narrative is a narrative is a narrative.